David Rogers – The Employment Mediator

Employment Mediation Services focuses on employment situations in court cases, co-worker conflict resolution and investigations. Learn more about David Rogers – The Employment Mediator and how to prepare for a successful mediation.

Time – Money – Reputation

The goals of any mediation are a quicker result, resolution outside of the courtroom, and ultimately an outcome where everyone is satisfied.

As a mediator, David is like your Chauffeur. Just like a professional car driver, he goes on the journey with you, but he doesn’t decide where you go. You and the other party decide on the final destination. The ultimate goal is to come to an acceptable conclusion for all parties.

Want Your Dispute Resolved and Behind You?

Getting Started is Easy. And It Only Takes a Few Minutes of Your Time.

Step #1

Identify the

What can we help you resolve through employment mediation?

Step #2

Reflect on
Potential Outcomes

What solutions could be agreeable to you and the other party?

Step #3


Mediation is less expensive, quicker, and less stressful than litigation.

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The Three Biggest Myths About Employment Mediation

Myth #1

Employment mediation opens more problems.

Actually, the exact opposite is true. Mediation can often avoid costly lawsuits and damage to your reputation. Mediation is “behind-closed-doors” vs a public court appearance. Mediation is confidential.

Myth #2

Mediation is not needed,
“I am right.”

The only thing worse than thinking you are “right”, is betting that a judge or jury will agree with you. In a court appearance you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to state your case and convince a jury. In mediation, the parties are in control of how the dispute is resolved.

Myth #3

The case will
never settle.

Actually, every case will be resolved…in some way, at some point. The questions are: How long do you really want this to drag on? How much money do you want to spend? And what is the toll on you? Hire a professional to help you get to a resolution as quickly as possible.

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