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Employment Mediation Services

Employment Mediation Services

Conflict is a part of life.  How you handle conflict can affect you physically, mentally and financially. David Rogers, The Employment Mediator, is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, a trained professional leadership and career development coach and a Florida licensed Private Investigator. He specializes in difficult employment cases, which utilizes his more than 30 years as a career Human Resources professional.

David focuses on employment issues from three distinct but related standpoints:

1. Court Cases

2. Investigations

3. Co-Worker Conflict Resolution

Court Cases

Dispute resolution alternative for issues involving labor, employment, wage, hour, employment discrimination, civil rights claims, etc. under federal and Florida laws.

These legal issues can often be settled with mediation, which engages the Parties in the decision-making process, encourages their buy-in, increases the chance of reaching an agreement to settle, and improves satisfaction with the outcome.

Court Cases, Employment Mediation Services
Workplace Investigations, Employment Mediation Services


Investigation of sensitive areas, including ethics and illegal activities.

Utilizing an outside resource can free up your staff to focus on other important work. For investigations, Employment Mediation Services provides you with an impartial, investigative resource that also has expertise in dispute resolution and problem-solving.

Co-Worker Conflict Resolution

Assists organizations and Human Resources departments in resolving disputes among two or more co-workers.

The consequences of unresolved workplace conflict can result in

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Reduced productivity
  • Increased turnover
  • Overall lower morale

Potential disputes include but are not limited to:

  • Conflicting interests
  • Unclear assigned responsibilities
  • Different communication styles
  • Limited resources
  • Individual values
  • Varying interests
  • Perceived poor performance

Why use an outside mediation resource? Impartiality and Focus.

David, The Employment Mediator, is impartial and will be perceived as impartial by all involved. His combined HUMAN RESOURCES and dispute resolution expertise will assist co-workers in resolving issues, and help restore harmony to the workplace.

Workplace conflict is similar to a family dispute — after resolution, there is an on-going work-related relationship. David has the additional skills and expertise needed to assist in resolving these sensitive workplace disputes.

Co-Work Conflict Mediation, Employment Mediation Services
Co-Work Conflict Mediation, Employment Mediation Services
Co-Work Conflict Mediation, Employment Mediation Services

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