Employment Mediation Services

Employment Mediation Services

Rates & Policies

David and Employment Mediation Services are dedicating to helping you find a path to solution. Take a look below at our rates, mediation policies, and scheduling.



$200.00 per hour for all case types. A Fee Schedule is available for multiple party mediation.

All costs are split evenly among the two (2) parties, unless other arrangements or agreements are made.  A “party” is defined as one or more persons or entities who have a common interest and who are represented by a single attorney or firm.

-Half-day: 3-hour minimum
-Full-day: 6-hour minimum


$200.00 per hour; minimum 3-hours. Actual expenses will be invoiced as a pass-through.

Travel & Expense

All charges will be divided equally by the number of parties. Parties will be informed in advance of per diem expenses.

Time: A rate of $100 per hour will be charged for travel of more than 50 miles from downtown Orlando, Florida for travel time (portal to portal).

Expenses: A $175 per diem will be charged for out-of-town mediation requiring an overnight stay. Per diem will offset expenses (e.g., lodging, rental cars, parking and meals).

*No administration fees, costs, preparation or review charges are ever assessed. A large volume of materials may require additional fees. Parties will be informed in advance of billing.


  • Credit is extended to counsel only, who are primarily responsible for payment.
  • Invoices are generally emailed to counsel one or two days after the mediation, and are due within thirty (30) days of receipt.
  • In the case of pro se parties, arrangements will have to be made for advance payment of a retainer based upon the anticipated charges or for payment to be made at the conclusion of the mediation.


  • Cancellations with less than 72-hour notice will be charged as follows:
    • Half day mediation: $600 (three hours).
    • Full day mediation: $1,200 (six hours).
    • All non-refundable expenses incurred.
  • Cancellation fees apply regardless of whether the mediation is cancelled, rescheduled or planned to be rescheduled.

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